Deadline April 1 for the fall school year

(Example: If you submit your application by April 1 of 2024, any awarded funds will be available for fall 2024-2025 school year.)

$1500 – $5000 scholarship for:

  • Third or fourth year undergraduate student with lighting-related studies.
  • Graduate students with lighting-related studies.
  • Special consideration for specific projects or Grad students working toward a thesis about light or lighting
  • Fields related to lighting – architecture, electrical engineering, interior design, theater, film/TV, lighting design, vision or a field clearly related to lighting.
  • Students must be enrolled in school in northern California, including San Luis Obispo, Fresno and north.

Study Areas

Architecture, electrical engineering, interior design, lighting, lighting application, lighting design, theatre.

Statement of Purpose

The Statement of Purpose shall consist of a description of the academic work a Lucas Scholarship will support. Undergraduate applicants shall describe in detail the course work proposed and its relationship to potential employment in the lighting field. Graduate students shall describe specific project work they believe will further the lighting field or industry.

Description of Work in Progress

A description of work to date and a specific proposal for the pursuit of educational studies that will contribute to the furtherance of that work.


Appropriate transcripts from the involved school shall be submitted.


Not less than three letters of recommendation shall accompany each application. At least one of these shall be from a person involved in lighting academically or professionally and shall attest to the lighting skills and interest of the applicant.

Scholar Agreement

Applicants shall agree to use the Scholarship for the purposes described and will report to the distribution committee on their accomplishments after completion of the involved academic year.




Required Documents:

Please gather the following documents prior to starting the application process.
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Current Resume
Statement of Purpose
Three Recommendations
Transcripts to this Application (if applicable)

    Required Documents:

    Please upload a Current Resume, a Statement of Purpose, ThreeRecommendations, and, if applicable, Transcripts to this Application.