California College of the Arts Illuminating Interiors Workshop

Illuminating Interiors is a two weekend long, summer intensive workshop for professionals in Interior Design, Architecture and related fields who wish to enrich their practice with a deeper understanding of lighting from both a design and technical perspective.

Practitioners will learn to apply criteria of design, technology, energy efficiency, and human wellness to all components of the lighting design process. Building upon a primary and the basic principles of layering of light, this workshop will delve deeper into the relationship of light and interior environments, lighting effects on human health, California's groudbreaking Title 24 energy code, and the rapid advancement in lighting technologies, including LEDs and other emerging lighting technology. 

Illuminating Interiors is led by Faith Jewell, a faculty member of the Interior Design program at CCA. Faith is a professional architectural lighting designer and associate at Horton Lees Brogden Lighting Design, an internationally renowned and award-winning design firm. 

Application deadline is Monday 7/18/16, or until full.

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