PG&E's Pacific Energy Center is currently hiring  for a Lighting Program Coordinator.

PG&E’s Energy Centers teach the best practices in energy efficiency, focusing on the people who design, construct, operate, and maintain buildings. PG&E has three Energy Centers: the Pacific Energy Center (PEC) with a commercial focus, the Energy Training Center, with a residential focus, and the Food Service Technology Center. The Lighting Program Coordinator will work from the PEC, while coordinating with the other energy centers.

Position Summary

The Lighting Program Coordinator organizes classes, principally non-residential focused, on lighting design, retrofits, calculations and technologies. Responsibilities also include advising on customer lighting projects and on PG&E energy efficiency lighting offerings. Additionally, the Lighting Program Coordinator works with partners throughout the state to achieve PG&E’s and California’s energy efficiency goals for lighting. The coordinator needs to balance the technical, design, efficiency, and code requirements of lighting in a team setting in order to be successful. The Lighting Program Coordinator must be dedicated to good design, energy efficiency and practical solutions that meet the occupants’ needs. The ideal candidate has experience in lighting design and installation.

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