LightPro Software has agreed with Lighting Analysts to integrate AGI 32 with LightPro (our lighting software, which deals with the energy and financial impact at the design phase or the re-design phase. Redesign refers to TI's and retrofits; Design refers to new construction and perhaps some TI's.)

We have ambitious plans to combine design and evaluation criteria of lighting quality, levels, and energy demand  into the design / redesign process.

The goal is to give twin specialties of light quality and quantity access to all the relevant data involved a lighting project without repetitive data entry. Thus, design criteria of each group can be shared immediately with the other when needed.

Right now, each camp appears to operate independently, without much consideration for the criteria of the other. If we are successful, Lighting Designers will be able to see the impact of their solution candidateson energy and cost, and contractors will have tools to help them handle better design and the administrivia they must take on in the future, including the meeting the requirements of lighting and power density of the applicable codes, completing forms and certifications etc.

The second goal other part of the goal is to have the as-built data shared with other 3rd party programs that handle incentive capture, M&V, and BIM system functions. Right now, each area of concentration relies on a proprietary data silo that cannot be shared with other software. We aim to fix that.

We have applied for an NSF grant to research and develop this integration, which would include capturing existing or proposed light levels and color temperature (from a drawing or an audit), providing both the photopic and scotopic results of each alternative, the impact of control systems, daylight harvesting. Then, when a design is finalized, being able to use AGI32 to create generate drawings, specs (from AGI32) and permit applications (from LightPro)

LightPro seeking lighting designers who are interested in doing this. The designers should have these skills:

  • Genuine interest in the goals
  • Familiar with computers and AGI32 and related programs
  • Good communicator
  • Like working with others who know less than they do

The participating* designer will have a chance to influence the future versions of both programs to make them more suitable to the task. Each participating individual will receive free use of the applicable LightPro software during the period and for 12 months thereafter (for the participating individual only). Participants will also enjoy shared publicity (including the opportunity to present at conferences as part of a team. We have already submitted a proposal to Lightfair.)

Please understand that this is not a paid consulting project. We are a self-funded startup, that has just started distributing to the people addressing the quantitative / energy / financial criteria of lighting design. You will have an opportunity to gain this expertise and the ability to inform individuals who lack your expertise of the criteria they are unfamiliar with. The goal is a better result for both groups, and respect for the expertise of the other. Thank you for considering this request for your participation. 

* “Participating” means being involved throughout the entire process and providing input and feedback pertaining to the design, testing, and feedback. Merely signing up without showing up or dropping is not participating. 

Contact: Chick Bornheim, LightPro Software, LLC.