Light! 2019 Exhibitor Entry Form

1. Exhibitor Contact Info
Contact Name *
Contact Name
Main phone number for Exhibitor Contact
2. Exhibit Details
(Exhibit Spaces are 8’ wide by 6’ deep x 5'9"’ high open areas withc3' high pipe and drape on three sides. Describe your Exhibit in detail. After submitting form, use the UPLOAD PHOTOS button at right to provide photos and/or drawings of your exhibit.
If your Exhibit includes a backdrop, please provide dimensions
Building Permit Required
If your Exhibit includes any of the items below, a building permit may be required. Please refer to the Light! Design Expo Exhibitor's Guide for detailed information on Building Permits.
3. Electrical Power
Power Requirements *
Standard exhibit spaces include 600W of power delivered to the space. Please indicate your power requirements below.
4. Exhibit Shipping, Delivery & Setup
For 2019 we are retaining the services of Curtin to facilitate the hipping, delivery, and setup of exhibit materials. Please refer to the Exhibitor Guide and Curtin's Exhibitor Services Kit for detailed information on services and charges.
Acknowledgement of Material Handling Requirements *
Acknowledgement of Policies, Costs & Services *
Acknowledgement of Elevator Dimensions *
5. Other Information
Please provide any additional information or special requirements for your Exhibit

Before Uploading photos or drawings of your Exhibit, name files with company name first, then number sequence: