Light! 2019 Exhibitor Entry Form

Exhibit Description and Space Requirements
Exhibit Spaces are 8’ wide by 6’ deep x 5'9"’ high with 3’ pipe and drape on three sides. There is a 5'9" maximum height and a 12" maximum width on all overhead horizontal surfaces. Displays that exceed these requirements will require Building Permits.

Use this form to describe your Exhibit in Detail. Photos or drawings are required for all display structures. After submitting form, use the UPLOAD PHOTOS button at right to provide photos and/or drawings of your exhibit.

1. Exhibitor Contact Info
Contact Name *
Contact Name
2. Exhibit Details
Display Type
Please describe the type of display you have
Please give the dimensions of your display: Width x Height x Depth
Power Requirements *
Standard exhibit spaces include 600W of power delivered to the space. Please indicate your power requirements below.
3. Acknowledgements
Please check all items as acknowledgment that you have read and understand each one.
Display Height Limit *
There are also local Port Fire Marshall code restrictions. Please see the Light! Exhibitor Guide pg. 7 for more information.
Standard Electrical Power *
Pier 27 Elevator Dimensions *
Please make sure your crates fit the Pier 27 elevator
Exhibit Extras *
Union Jurisdiction *
Please refer to Curtin ESK exhibitor instructions and costs, advance warehouse shipments and other shipping guidelines - 30 days advance warehouse option is available with Curtin.

Before Uploading photos or drawings of your Exhibit, name files with company name first, then number sequence: