Job Title: Entry Level Lighting Designer
Company Name: O'mahony & Myer
City / Area: San Rafael
Type: Full Time - 0 - 3 Years
Contact Person Name: David Orgish
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: (415) 492-0420
Company Website:

Job Description: O'Mahony & Myer is looking for a full-time, entry-level lighting designer. As a small firm, we highly value self-motivated learners who enjoy a collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach to design challenges. Responsibilities include all aspects of lighting design including written narratives, concept sketches, renderings, illuminance calculations, switching and dimming systems design, emergency lighting, project management, and construction administration including meeting with other design team consultants and visiting project sites, and oversight of design production work.

Education and Skills Requirements: A college degree in Illumination Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Architecture, Interior Architecture, Lighting Design, or another related field is required. Applicants should be proficient in AutoCAD, Revit, AGi32, Photoshop, and MS Office; have excellent communication and writing skills, the ability to work as part of a diverse team, and enthusiasm for sustainable building and energy-efficient design.

Company Background: O’Mahony & Myer is a consulting engineering and lighting design firm located in the San Francisco Bay Area that has provided electrical engineering and lighting design services to architects, engineers, and building owners for over 2,600 projects over the past 35 years. Our attention to detail and commitment to excellence has resulted in numerous illumination design awards and dozens of LEED-certified buildings throughout California, as well as a reputation for the highest quality work.