Job Title: Senior Lighting Designer
Company Name: LUMA
City / Area: San Francisco
Type: Full Time - Experienced
Contact Person Name: Jonathan Plumpton
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: (415) 767-2741
Company Website:

Job Description: Luma is a prominent leader in lighting design because we hire people who dance to the beat of a slightly different drum. We value creativity as much as precision, beauty as much as practicality. We care deeply about the work we do and the impact it has on the planet. We listen.

If you work with Luma, you will be a part of PAE. We share our inspiration, success, and trials, making us a stronger team and allowing us to further inform and enhance the future of design.

Luma is currently looking for an experienced lighting designer to help bolster our San Francisco team.
Typical duties & responsibilities will include:

• Provide project design and team leadership.
• Communicate design options to a diverse stakeholder group.
• Manage multiple projects on budget and schedule.
• Knowledge and collaboration within an interdisciplinary project deliverable.
• Detailed knowledge of design industry standards.
• Provide lighting and controls selection and specification.
• Provide mentoring and training to project team.
• Provide complete job oversight and responsibilities from SD- CA
• Edit/writing specifications; provide input into standards.
• Implements the project quality management for design and documentation.

Education and Skills Requirements: Past experience in a Lighting Design firm.
Bachelors Degree or higher in Architecture, Interior Design, Illuminating Engineering or other design related field.

Company Background: Luma is a dedicated lighting-design practice within PAE.
Shaping and controlling light to provide positive, humanistic experiences in architecture has been at the core of our design practice since our founding in 2001. From simple daylit structures to highly integrated and interactive electric lighting and control systems, our designers employ design strategies and technologies that fit the unique requirements of each client. From concept to execution, our design process is highly collaborative, inherently sustainable, and more than a little fun. When more than lighting design is needed, we offer holistic, customizable, cross-discipline teams. This intimate collaboration of light, air, water, and information keeps us relevant and successful as we design some of the most sustainable buildings in the world. We cannot do it alone.