Job Title: Lighting Quotations Specialist

Company Name: Aion LED, Inc.

City / Area: San Francisco, CA 94107

Type: Full Time - 0 - 3 Years

Contact Person Name: Alexandra West-Harvey

Contact Email:

Contact Phone:

Company Website:

Job Description: This position is a blend of customer service, inside sales, lighting specification support, quotes, and account management.

Education and Skills Requirements: Must have one year of lighting industry experience with consistent verifiable experience in customer service or sales.


Have an interest in the lighting industry with one years of consistent verifiable experience in sales or customer service.

• Must possess excellent attention to detail, maintain a high commitment to excellence, and accuracy on a daily basis.

• Must exhibit excellent communication, grammatical, and organizational skills.

• Database and computer skills required.

• Must be accountable, exhibit a positive attitude, and decision-making skills.

• Support Account Managers as needed.

• Possess basic mathematical and logic skills with the ability to read wiring diagrams and blue prints or have the desire to learn.

Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement required.

SF Residents preferred.

College students & grads welcome.

Company Background: Aion LED is a growing LED lighting manufacturer located in San Francisco.