IES Illumination Awards Program Overview

The IES Illumination Awards (formerly the International Illumination Design Awards) provide a unique opportunity for public recognition of professionalism, ingenuity, and originality in lighting design based upon the individual merit of each entry judged against specific criteria.

Judges are selected from a broad professional spectrum that represents knowledge of lighting and design excellence. The judging system is based entirely on how well the lighting design does or does not meet the program criteria. This program is not a competition. The program is open to any qualified entrant without limitations as to professional affiliations. The Guth, Waterbury, Cutler and the Energy and Environmental Design Award Sponsored by Osram Sylvania are parallel programs created to recognize outstanding lighting design.

The Edwin F. Guth Memorial Award for Interior Lighting Design

The Edwin F. Guth Memorial Awards for Interior Lighting Design honors the memory of Edwin F. Guth, who founded the St. Louis Brass Co. in 1902. He later renamed the company the Edwin F. Guth Co. At the time of his death in 1962, he held 147 patents.

The Paul Waterbury Award for Outdoor Lighting Design

The Paul Waterbury Award for Outdoor Lighting honors Paul Waterbury's achievements in the lighting field. Among them, the development of 1500 W metal halide lamps for stadium use and an optical system for low mounted tennis court lighting.

The Aileen Page Cutler Memorial Award for Residential Lighting Design

This award honors the memory of Aileen Page Cutler, a developer of new and creative ways to light residences. She also developed training programs for teaching others the art and science of residential lighting. She was the wife of the late C.M. (Monte) Cutler, who established this award.

The Energy and Environmental Design Award sponsored by Osram Sylvania

The Energy and Environmental Design Award recognizes quality lighting installations in commercial and industrial buildings that incorporate advanced energy-saving strategies and environmentally responsible solutions into the overall design.

Many thanks to all of those who entered lighting designs.  Your generous participation makes this lighting design awards program possible.

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