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The Bay Area’s Architectural Lighting and Design Show
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Four Free AIA & IES Accredited Educational Seminars!

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IES SF's Light! Design Expo 2017 will be held at the beautiful Pier 27!

Pier 27 boasts beautiful panoramic views of the San Francisco Bay and waterfront.

This is a new and exciting annual architectural lighting event for the design community that will be the best of its kind in the Greater Bay Area. 

Light! Design Expo's product showcases and classes are specifically geared toward the architecture and design community: lighting designers, architects, landscape architects, interior designers, engineers, building owners, facilities and maintenance teams, school districts, municipalities, contractors, real estate developers and more.

Light! Design Expo is a one of a kind opportunity to learn about design trends and techniques, designs for specific applications and populations and to see the latest and greatest in lighting product innovations. All this while in a social and festive setting with amazing views of the San Francisco Bay and waterfront.

Come mingle with the Greater Bay Area Architectural Lighting Community!

Light! will feature complimentary cuisine from local San Francisco food and dessert trucks and there will also be a no host top shelf bar from 4pm-8pm.

If you would like to tweet about and during this event, please use the hashtag #LightExpo2017

IES/CEU & AIA / LU accredited one hour per seminar

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This is NOT a pre-registration for the seminars. Request for CEU/LU credits do not guarantee a seat. SEMINAR SEATING WILL BE ON A FIRST COME FIRST SERVED BASIS. We suggest you arrive early for seminars. Seating is limited. They are extremely popular and will fill up fast.

12:15 PM - 1:15 PM
Lighting for the Aging and Partially Sighted Update - 
The new RP-28 and lighting design in the new Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired in SF

Linda Sanford, Principal, Sanford Lighting Design
Yukiko Yoshida, Associate Principle, Auerbach Glasow Architectural Lighting Design and Consulting

With over 40 million seniors in America, and over 10,000 baby boomers turning 65 every day, buildings will have to accommodate their limitations and visual changes. We will review IES RP-28, which released its update, Lighting and the Visual Environment for Seniors and the Low Vision Population in 2016 and expanded its scope from lighting and design recommendations for elderly housing and senior care facilities to offices, hospitality, healthcare and other public spaces.  It addresses designing a supportive visual environment for age-related vision loss and prevention of falls but expands its concerns to include new evidence of the impact of light on sleep disorders and other health issues.  We will take a look at the design considerations for a recently renovated building in San Francisco, the Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired, to see what the lighting design team learned from the project and how the design goal was achieved.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn about the new standards for lighting spaces used by the elderly and low vision population.
  • Learn how the scope of lighting standards for the aging has increased and what it now impacts.
  • Learn what design considerations are fundamental for safe visual environments for the elderly, and what are now recommended for sleep disorders and other health factors.
  • Learn the design process and considerations for lighting the new facility of the Lighthouse for the Blind and Visualy Impaired in San Francisco.

Speaker Bios:

Linda Sanford is a lighting designer and teacher of lighting in the San Francisco bay area.  She received an M.Arch and then an M.Sc. in Lighting, specializing in lighting for the elderly. She maintains her own lighting design practice, and works part-time at Auerbach Glasow.

Yukiko photo.jpg

Yukiko Yoshida has been a lighting designer at Auerbach Glasow ever since she received a M.Sc. in Lighting.  Her projects includes interior and exterior lighting for small and large, international and domestic.

Linda and Yukiko have known each other since they were both pursuing degrees at the Lighting Research Center at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.  After receiving Masters of Science in Lighting, each independently escaped the freezing cold of Troy, New York with no regrets and both ended up in the sunny, beautiful San Francisco Bay area.   

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Bioethical Responsibility - 

The New Best Practice Consideration
John Hickman, Director of Sales, Ledra Brands, Inc. 
Presenting for

There now appears to be world-wide awareness of the potential for architectural lighting to help manage human circadian rhythms. However, this new-found acceptance brings about an unprecedented challenge to our practice methodologies: are we ready to take on bioethical responsibility?

By now, most people in the lighting industry are aware that lighting can be utilized to manage human circadian rhythms and promote health and wellness. But do they understand, let alone know how, to accomplish this task? With the relative ease of color temperature changing and dimming with LED lighting, many think that designing systems that promise benefits are as simple as color tuning, dimming and a time clock: think again.

This program, based on the latest findings of worldwide experts and a special joint technical committee of the CIE, will explain the opportunities and bioethical risks of manufacturing, designing, and specifying lighting that promises health benefits, and/or delivers unintentional harm.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn current understanding and trends of lighting as relates to circadian and photosynthetic health
  • Learn how the CIE is working to address the possibilities of lighting systems being used for circadian benefits
  • Discover what is possible now for specific persons and groups, and the limits for use on general populations
  • Understand the risks in designing, manufacturing or applying circadian lighting today including the risks to animals, insects and agriculture

Speaker Bios:

John Hickman is a lighting industry professional with 27 years of experience in technology, controls, lighting design and application. He is the Sales Director and National Corporate Trainer for Leda Brands, Inc., including Alphabet, Bruck and Molto Luce product lines. Deeply engaged in emerging technologies and product development, John has co-authored several presentations addressing the issues of Circadian Lighting, it’s application and use in the built environment. His recent work, with subject matter experts from NASA, brought new technologies to the market that address a growing interest in the field of Human Centric Lighting.  His extensive experience in the lighting industry provide a unique, inside perspective on the challenges we face as new technologies emerge and develop.


Deborah Burnett is an international award winning interior designer, licensed building contractor and member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. She is an active member of IES and CIE photobiology, and aging committees, and is a highly regarded academic lecturer, international keynote presenter and author whose technical and interpretive articles appear in LD+A , LED, PLD, SSL, InDesign, Mondo Arc and popular media including Readers Digest, AARP, and Prevention magazine.  With timely discussion and scientific insight, this former national media (broadcast) personality, is a frequent keynote speaker and guest lecturer at industry conferences worldwide As co-Principal of the Benya Burnet Consultancy, Deborah contributes the medical science, human factors, and built environmental design and construction interventions which substantiates the firms’ humanizing mission in promoting the integration of evidence based lighting design in support of all living beings.

A recent project, the new ASID Washington headquarters, was recently awarded the world’s first double platinum LEED and WELL certification thanks in part to her efforts in developing new practice benchmarks which ensure occupant biological protection consistent with American Medical Association (AMA) recommendations regarding the use of short wavelength rich white light; a typical characteristic of LED light sources.      

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
The Romance and Drama of Lighting Design - 

Inspiring Original Work in the Ever-Evolving Workspaces of the San Francisco Tech Community
Jody Pritchard, IALD, Principal and Co-Founder, PritchardPeck Lighting
Kristin Peck, Associate IALD, LC, LEED AP, Principal and Co-Founder, PritchardPeck Lighting

Join us for a behind the scenes look at the romance and drama of working as a lighting designer in the ever-evolving workspaces of the San Francisco tech community. We’ll explore how to give a project depth by looking beyond lighting and architecture for inspiring stories to create a volume of original work. From story creation to implementation using mockups and drafting integrated lighting details, Lighting Designers, Engineers, Architects, Interior Designers, and Contractors will walk away with a fresh perspective for tackling their next lighting challenge.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to give a project heart by looking beyond the lighting toolbox for inspiration.
  • Learn techniques for applying design concepts to projects with turn & burn speed
  • Gain a better understanding of how to use mockups to test concepts
  • Learn how to improve their lighting detail development skills 

Speaker Bios:

Kristin Peck is an engineer by training and artist at heart. She’s been a lighting designer in San Francisco since pleated pants were popular – she’ll let you do the math on that one. Current work includes three high-rise signature condominium towers in San Francisco, the new 5-star hotel at SFO Airport, Airbnb’s new headquarters, rebranding and flagship for luxury retailer, and she recently completed the award-winning renovation of the historic Strand American Conservatory Theater. Kristin celebrates the inspiration and story behind each project and can wrangle an angry VE mob with poise while still holding the project vision intact.

jody pritchard_headshot.jpg

Jody Pritchard is a designer by training and a nerd at heart. She’s been a lighting designer in San Francisco for 17 years and co-founded PritchardPeck Lighting 6 years ago. Current work includes Google Offices in Mountain View, Ivy Station, a multi-use development in Culver City, and the new Dolby Headquarters’ Demo Theater on Market Street in San Francisco. A lady of many talents, she can handle the complex politics of high-end residential while working through controls wiring diagrams with Electrical Contractors on the jobsite with grace.

6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Net Zero at the Workplace

Marissa Tucci, Principal, Tucci Lighting
Kaileen Yen, Project Manager, Winder Gibson
Benjamin Louie, Project Designer, Handel
Michael Martinez, Associate Principle, Integral Group  

LinkedIn’s Sunnyvale, CA net zero office is now complete! Join us in observing and analyzing the architectural features, electric light, daylight and controls system that created this successful net zero building. Hear firsthand from the Architects, Lighting Designer, Daylight Consultant, and more. By attending this seminar, you will strengthen your net zero knowledge and elevate your exposure to cross discipline coordination. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe what Net Zero means today to the architectural industry
  • Learn how to successfully coordinate between disciplines on a Net Zero project
  • Better understand electric light, daylight and control requirements for a Net Zero project
  • Analyze client requests and determine how to deliver on a tight budget and short timeline

Speaker Bios:

Ben Louie is an architectural designer currently with Handel Architects and previously with STUDIOS architecture. Having grown up in the Bay Area, it has been exciting for him to shape and readapt spaces in his own backyard. Ben has been involved in creating highly collaborative and functional spaces for some of the largest technology giants and innovative Silicon Valley companies.

Marissa Tucci has been practicing lighting design in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2006. Before forming an independent practice, she served as a lighting designer for Interface Engineering and Banks|Ramos Architectural Lighting Design. Her passion for light allows her to serve clients creative, integrated lighting designs. 

Born and raised in the Silicon Valley, Kaileen Yen found her calling early on and moved to Texas to attend architecture school at Rice University. After receiving a Bachelor of Architecture in 2008, she moved back to California to develop her career and is now happy to call the City by the Bay her home. Kaileen has worked on a diverse range of architecture projects in her 9 years of work experience. She enjoys solving design puzzles at all scales, complexities and believes that the best design solutions are accomplished by working as a team. Outside of the office, Kaileen enjoys mentoring for the S.F. ACE Mentorship program, playing soccer, and exploring the city on foot with her boyfriend and small Schnauzer, Luna.

Michael Martinez is an associate principal at Integral Group, and a co-leads the Integral Light Studio. His expertise is in daylighting design and analysis using both physical and computational models, specializing in the digital simulation of light to accurately predict its quantitative and qualitative effects in the built environment. Mike’s constant goal is to inform the design process with clear and actionable data to maximize human comfort in buildings, to minimize the energy consumed by buildings, and to generate beautiful, sustainable, and long lasting architecture. 


Exhibition Contact:   Linda Cooper, lindac@ltgsys.com
Seminar Contact:      Rochelle Kimball, rochelle@dmflighting.com