The Contemporary Ways to Design with Daylight class will introduce attendees to the value and uses for modern daylight simulation tools, and will put them into context with historic methods to teach when, where, and how to use available daylight metrics. Along with daylight design’s affect on energy savings and occupant health, this class will discuss the new LEED v4 metrics and how to achieve a good score along with overall high quality daylight design. This presentation will include a case study on using a daylighting tool to design a commercial building.

Speakers will answer questions such as:
1. What can you do with daylighting simulation & analysis software that traditional methods can’t provide?
2. How are standards changing for daylighting and what does this mean for analysis tools?
3. What are the best practices for daylight modeling?
4. How much energy savings does daylighting bring today?

Participants planning to attend the 06/14/2017 LightStanza Software Training classes are strongly encouraged to also attend this class.  This class will provide background information about daylighting calculations and will assist attendees with a broader understanding of the context for the use of daylight calculation software.

All in-class attendees will receive a 3-month free subscription to LightStanza Professional (online attendees will receive 1-month free subscription to LightStanza Professional).