• Palo Alto, CA

The IES San Francisco annual program planning meeting will be held on Saturday, July 30 in Palo Alto beginning at 2:00PM. (Venue details will be sent to you when you reply to this note). Plan on a potluck BBQ at the end of the meeting!

At the planning meeting, we will discuss potential monthly program topics, speakers and venues. If you have an idea for a program topic and presenter, please submit your idea here to info@iessf.net before Friday, July 29 so we can put it on the agenda. You are also invited to attend the program planning meeting. In-person presence is always the best way to communicate your ideas. 

Again, if you'd like to attend the program planning meeting, please reply here to info@iessf.net, and we will send you the venue details. Hope to hear from you at the planning meeting!