• PG&E Pacific Energy Center (map)
  • 851 Howard Street
  • San Francisco, CA, 94103
  • United States

This hands-on workshop will cover a range of analysis methods using the web-based LightStanza software. The two training sessions (basic and advanced) will teach attendees how to iterate with point-in-time and annual analysis as well as LEED v4 output using both simple and advanced 3D geometry. Those who attend the class will learn the strengths and limitations of web-based daylight analysis, how to work with materiality, how blinds can be effectively modeled, and more. This training is meant to empower users of all backgrounds in order to make quality daylighting accessible for everyone.

There will be two case studies using LightStanza, the first by Point Energy Innovations during the morning session and the second by SerraLux during the afternoon session. All attendees will receive a free trial to LightStanza Professional! Please note that attendees can take part in both or either session, and no previous experience with daylighting analysis tools is necessary for the LightStanza Basic Class. If you plan to attend both sessions (basic and advanced) please register seperately for the afternoon (advanced) session.

Participants planning to attend the LightStanza Software Training classes are strongly encouraged to also attend Contemporar Ways to Calculate Daylight. This class offered on 12/13/2016 will provide background information about past and present daylighting calculation methods and will help prepare attendees with a broader understanding of the context for the use of daylight calculation software.

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