• PG&E Pacific Energy Center (map)
  • 851 Howard Street
  • San Francisco, CA, 94103
  • United States

When people first experience OLED lighting they have a positive emotive response to the beauty of the light quality. The light draws them in and they want to engage in a light that feels good to them. This is the challenge of OLED lighting. As a newcomer in an established market, OLED lighting is more expensive and trails the impressive specifications of its sister solid state lighting technology, LED. However, that is changing quickly as performance gains continue to be impactful and costs continue to decline. OLEDs now meet many application requirements and the number of fixture makers looking to develop OLED products is rapidly growing. In addition, as OLED blurs the line of luminaire and lighting engines, contractors are considering custom installations of OLEDs as a tile or building material. This workshop will explain OLED technology, explore applications including hands-on work with OLED, and discuss economic, energy efficiency and strategic adoption challenges.

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