• PG&E Pacific Energy Center (map)
  • 851 Howard Street
  • San Francisco, CA, 94103
  • United States

This class enables participants to do basic lighting and economic calculations by hand and with a smart phone.  Each calculation method is explained step by step, examples are worked through, then attendees solve practical problems. 

Lumen Method (Zonal Cavity) calculations allow users to determine average Illuminance (footcandles) in a space or to find the number of luminaires necessary to provide a desired Illuminance.  

Point by Point calculations determine Illuminance at specific locations.  An example is developed starting with the simplest case, evolving into more real world conditions including geometry’s impact and finding candela values using linear interpolation.

Simple Payback reveals how long an investment will take to pay for itself.  Lighting examples are used and show how rebates affect payback.  

Life Cycle Costing provides a more complete economic picture of lighting investments. Building an economic model, showing how to create time-lines and determine present worth allows attendees to evaluate a long term view of energy efficiency projects.