A Light Affair

  Thursday June 26, 2014
Pacific Energy Center
851 Howard Street
San Francisco CA 

Lighting Product Showcase:
12:00pm – 8:00pm

 Free Showcase & Seminars

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Educational Seminars:
IES/CEU & AIA/LU accredited one hour seminars.
No pre-registration required. Seating on a first come basis.

12:00pm:  Lighting Design with LEDs – a Designer Perspective
Speaker: Leslie Davis, Principal -Leslie Davis Lighting Design
Description:  Not long ago LEDs were used for special effects or low light level applications.  Today SSL lighting products are used in all applications of lighting design. This seminar will present a lighting designer perspective on best practice this technology, how and where they can be best applied and what limitations still exist.
Learning Objectives:       Participants will learn…
…updates on using the latest SSL products for a variety of applications.
…tunable white, fixed CCT white and color – where is each type used.
…limitations of the technology and where caution is required
…when “conventional” sources should be used.
Technical Learning Level: Intermediate

2:00pm: Using Climate Based Daylight Metrics to Improve Daylighting Performance Prediction
Speaker: Mudit Saxena, Technical Director, TRC Energy Services (formerly Heschong Mahone Group)
Description:  The IES recently approved a method to calculate a new set of climate based daylight metrics for use in evaluating daylit spaces. This method, described in the IES LM83-12 has been adopted by LEED v 4.0 as a method to qualify for up to 3 daylighting credits. The metrics, based on research on occupant and expert assessments for real spaces, provide designers a tool to describe, evaluate and improve the daylighting performance of their designs. This presentation will describe the new metrics, how they were developed and how they can be used to design spaces with better daylighting.
Learning Objectives:             The attendees will learn …
                                                  … about IES LM83-12 and the new climate based daylight metrics
                                                  … how the new metrics can be used to improve daylighting design
                                                  … about software tools that can be used to calculate the new metrics
                                                  … about the development of the new metrics
Technical Learning Level: Advanced 

4:00pm:  Lighting Control Technology for Digital and Dynamic Luminaires
Speaker: Audwin W. Cash, V.P. and Value Stream Leader, Acuity Controls
Description: What aspects of a project or desired effect would select one control technology for digital and dynamic luminaires over another? What interfaces and support tools are available? Advances in lighting, particularly digital and dynamic lighting, require a more in-depth understanding of how control protocol technology interfaces and manages these sources.  Further, the tools and user interfaces available play an important role in successfully incorporating these digital and dynamic sources on projects. Whether RGB, tunable white, precision LED dimming, or incorporating traditional sources with digital sources, designers should understand what capability control technology provides.  Technologies discussed include 0-10V, DMX, DALI, phase control dimming, PWM, etc.
Learning Objectives:       Attendees will…
                                            …appreciate the intended design use for particular lighting control technologies
                                            …understand how best to deploy these technologies.
                                            …learn what the trade-offs are with each technology.
                                            …hear a discussion of the trade-offs, which include complexity, cost, reliability,
performance and forecast longevity.
Technical Learning Level: Intermediate

6:00pm: Outdoor Lighting — Designing Creatively with the New Sustainability Codes
Speaker: David Malman, Principal. ARCHITECTURAL LIGHTING DESIGN/San Francisco
Description: Worried about design flexibility with today’s sustainability codes? This presentation reviews the new versions of Title 24, CALGreen, LEED, Greenpoints, and other standards – and suggests design strategies that are both creative and code-compliant.
Learning Objectives:       Participants will learn…
                                                …how the new standards regulate outdoor lighting.
                                                …the similarities, differences, and conflicts between the standards.
                                                …what are “BUG” ratings and how to use them for compliance.
                                                …design strategies that meet the standards and enhance the night-time
Technical Learning Level: Advanced

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Register for Product Showcase @ www.pge.com/pec/classes/6835.htm

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